Turbocharge Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning with WarpDrive and PyTorch Lightning

TL;DR: WarpDrive is a flexible, lightweight, easy-to-use end-to-end reinforcement learning (RL) framework; enables orders-of-magnitude faster training on a single GPU. PyTorch Lightning enables you to modularize experimental code, and build production-ready workloads fast. Together, they can help significantly accelerate multi-agent RL R&D. Reinforcement Learning: Agents Learn by

20 May 2022 •

Code-Mixing on Sesame Street: Multilingual Adversaries for Multilingual Models

TL;DR - Today’s NLP models, for all their recent successes, have certain limitations. Case in point: they exhibit poor performance when processing multilingual code-mixed sentences (each containing multiple languages). Our new approach addresses this problem by constructing code-mixed inputs designed to degrade (or “attack”) the model, exposing the

24 Jan 2022 • #code-mixing