INDICT: Towards Better Code Generation by Both Security and Helpfulness

TL;DR: We introduce INDICT, a novel framework that empowers Large Language Models (LLMs) with Internal Dialogues of Critiques for both safety and helpfulness guidance. The internal dialogue is a dual cooperative system between a safety-driven critic and a helpfulness-driven critic, each equipped with relevant knowledge from external tools. LLMs

04 Jul 2024 •

CodeT5+: Open Code Large Language Models

TL;DR: CodeT5+ is a new family of open code large language models (LLMs) with improved model architectures and training techniques. CodeT5+ achieves the state-of-the-art performance among the open-source LLMs on many challenging code intelligence tasks, including zero-shot evaluation on the code generation benchmark HumanEval.   Background: Code LLMs Large language

20 May 2023 • #codet5+