Data-Driven, Interpretable, and Robust Policy Design using the AI Economist

This blog accompanies the interactive demo [] and paper []! Dive deeper into the underlying simulation code [ ] and simulation card [] . In this blog post, we

09 Aug 2021 •

A Language Detector for Identifying Machine-Generated Text

In recent years, the natural language processing (NLP) community has seen the development of increasingly powerful language models [1, 2], capable of generating textual output that is indistinguishable from human-written text. This includes our own model called CTRL [] [3] (Conditional Transformer Language Model) for controllable

22 Oct 2020 •

Model Cards for AI Model Transparency

At Salesforce, we take seriously our mission to create and deliver AI technology that is responsible, accountable, transparent, empowering, and inclusive. These principles ensure that our AI is safe, ethical, and engenders trust.

29 Sep 2020 • #ethics