From Copilot to CoOrchestration

Introduction I’ve written a lot in recent months about what I call Large Action Models, or LAMs—a more active, autonomous variation on LLMs that don’t merely generate content like text or images but accomplish entire tasks and even participate in workflows, whether alongside people or on their

20 Oct 2023 •

Open Source and the Future of Enterprise AI

Introduction Open source has become one of the hottest topics in AI, and the fanfare is well-deserved. The open source community is keeping a nimble pace with the state of the art, delivering ever-growing and ever-more-capable models that often compete impressively with their commercial counterparts. It’s an exciting thing

25 Sep 2023 •

Toward Actionable Generative AI

LAMs: From Large Language Models to Large Action Models There’s no question that we’re living in the era of generative AI, and its impact is only growing. More and more, AI is helping us write emails, create imagery, consume information, and even code. But as empowering as it

27 Jun 2023 •

If You Can Say It, You Can Do It: The Age of Conversational AI

Imagine you find yourself in the cockpit of a next-generation spacecraft—the kind that can get you from low Earth orbit to the Kuiper belt without breaking a sweat. How do you envision controlling it? Science fiction has conditioned us to equate futuristic technology with dazzling complexity, so you might

03 Oct 2022 • #conversational AI