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Last updated: January 2, 2023

This is my obsessively curated list of research papers and articles on ethics in AI that I have been collecting over the years. Let me know if I am missing your favorites.


Papers and Peer-Reviewed Publications

Manifestations of Xenophobia in AI Systems (12/15/22)

Bias in Automatic Speech Recognition: The Case of African American Language (12/14/22)

Explanations Can Reduce Overreliance on AI Systems During Decision-Making (12/13/22)

Diffusion Art or Digital Forgery? Investigating Data Replication in Diffusion Models (12/7/22)

The Promise and The Peril: Artificial Intelligence and Employment Discrimination (11/8/22)

Estimating the Carbon Footprint of BLOOM, a 176B Parameter Language Model (11/3/22)

An Adversarial Perspective on Accuracy, Robustness, Fairness, and Privacy: Multilateral-Tradeoffs in Trustworthy ML (11/1/22)

End-User Audits: A System Empowering Communities to Lead Large-Scale Investigations of Harmful Algorithmic Behavior (Nov 2022)

Artificial intelligence in government: Concepts, standards, and a unified framework (10/31/22)

Beyond neural scaling laws: beating power law scaling via data pruning (10/31/22)

System Safety and Artificial Intelligence (10/20/22)

Algorithmic failure as a humanities methodology: Machine learning's mispredictions identify rich cases for qualitative analysis (10/18/22)

SEAL : Interactive Tool for Systematic Error Analysis and Labeling (10/11/22)

Does AI Debias Recruitment? Race, Gender, and AI’s “Eradication of Difference” (10/10/22)

A Human-Centric Perspective on Model Monitoring (9/20/22)

Improving alignment of dialogue agents via targeted human judgements (9/20/22)

Power to the People? Opportunities and Challenges for Participatory AI (9/15/22)

The Subjects and Stages of AI Dataset Development: A Framework for Dataset Accountability (9/13/22)

Do Androids Laugh at Electric Sheep? Humor "Understanding" Benchmarks from The New Yorker Caption Contest (9/13/22)

Quantitative AI Risk Assessments: Opportunities and Challenges (9/13/22)

Challenges in Translating Research to Practice for Evaluating Fairness and Bias in Recommendation Systems (9/13/22)

The Ethical Need for Watermarks in Machine-Generated Language (9/7/22)

In conversation with Artificial Intelligence: aligning language models with human values (9/1/22)

Bugs in the Data: How ImageNet Misrepresents Biodiversity (8/24/22)

Pushing the limits of fairness impossibility: Who’s the fairest of them all? (8/24/22)

Regulating the Risks of AI (8/23/22)

Red Teaming Language Models to Reduce Harms: Methods, Scaling Behaviors, and Lessons Learned (8/22/22)

The US Algorithmic Accountability Act of 2022 vs. The EU Artificial Intelligence Act: what can they learn from each other? (8/18/22)

The Challenge of Ethical Interoperability (8/10/22)

Accountability in Artificial Intelligence: What It Is and How It Works (8/9/22)

Humble Machines: Attending to the Underappreciated Costs of Misplaced Distrust (8/2/22)

Addressing ethical gaps in ‘Technology for Good’: Foregrounding care and capabilities (8/1/22)

Should We Rely on AI to Help Avoid Bias in Patient Selection for Major Surgery? (Aug 2022)

Feeling fixes: Mess and emotion in algorithmic audits (7/28/22)

Equalizing Credit Opportunity in Algorithms: Aligning Algorithmic Fairness Research with U.S. Fair Lending Regulation (7/27/22)

Mimetic Models: Ethical Implications of AI that Acts Like You (7/27/22)

Approximate Exploitability: Learning a Best Response (7/23/22)

Overlooked factors in concept-based explanations: Dataset choice, concept salience, and human capability (7/20/22)

How to shrink AI’s ballooning carbon footprint (7/19/22)

Reducing Bias and Improving Safety in DALL·E 2 (7/18/22)

Towards Substantive Conceptions of Algorithmic Fairness: Normative Guidance from Equal Opportunity Doctrines (7/6/22)

Human-centred mechanism design with Democratic AI (7/4/22)

Effect of Homomorphic Encryption on the Performance of Training Federated Learning Generative Adversarial Networks (7/1/22)

On the Machine Learning of Ethical Judgments from Natural Language (July 2022)

We Asked GPT-3 to Write an Academic Paper about Itself—Then We Tried to Get It Published (6/30/22)

Who Is Liable when AI Kills? (6/29/22)

De-biasing “bias" measurement (6/29/22)

Combining interventions to reduce the spread of viral misinformation (6/23/22)


Open-source language AI challenges big tech’s models (6/22/22)

Data Governance in the Age of Large-Scale Data-Driven Language Technology (6/21/22)

Measuring the Carbon Intensity of AI in Cloud Instances (6/21/22)

A Review of Taxonomies of Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) Methods (6/21/22)

Regulating Facial Processing Technologies: Tensions Between Legal and Technical Considerations in the Application of Illinois BIPA (6/21/22)

Robots Enact Malignant Stereotypes (6/21/22)

Disentangling the Components of Ethical Research in Machine Learning (6/21/22)

Who Audits the Auditors? Recommendations from a field scan of the algorithmic auditing ecosystem (6/21/22)

German AI Start-Ups and “AI Ethics”: Using A Social Practice Lens for Assessing and Implementing Socio-Technical Innovation (6/21/22)

Algorithmic Tools in Public Employment Services: Towards a Jobseeker-Centric Perspective (6/21/22)

Towards Intersectional Feminist and Participatory ML: A Case Study in Supporting Feminicide Counterdata Collection (6/21/22)

Exploring How Machine Learning Practitioners (Try To) Use Fairness Toolkits (6/21/22)

Fairness-aware Model-agnostic Positive and Unlabeled Learning (6/21/22)

Ethical concerns with replacing human relations with humanoid robots: an ubuntu perspective (6/20/22)

Limits and Possibilities for “Ethical AI” in Open Source: A Study of Deepfakes (6/20/22)

Building Human Values into Recommender Systems: An Interdisciplinary Synthesis (6/20/22)

Measuring Representational Harms in Image Captioning (6/20/22)

It’s Just Not That Simple: An Empirical Study of the Accuracy-Explainability Trade-off in Machine Learning for Public Policy (6/20/22)

A Data-driven analysis of the interplay between Criminological theory and predictive policing algorithms (6/20/22)

Taxonomy of Risks posed by Language Models (6/20/22)

Automating Care: Online Food Delivery Work During the CoVID-19 Crisis in India (6/20/22)

Uncovering bias in the PlantVillage dataset (6/9/22)

Outsider Oversight: Designing a Third Party Audit Ecosystem for AI Governance (6/9/22)

Cross-linguistic patterns of speech prosodic differences in autism: A machine learning study (6/8/22)

The Struggle for AI’s Recognition: Understanding the Normative Implications of Gender Bias in AI with Honneth’s Theory of Recognition (6/3/22)

The Algorithmic Imprint (6/3/22)

The Fallacy of AI Functionality (6/2/22)

Algorithmic Fairness and Structural Injustice: Insights from Feminist Political Philosophy (6/2/22)

Human-Algorithm Collaboration: Achieving Complementarity and Avoiding Unfairness (6/1/22)

Accountability in an Algorithmic Society: Relationality, Responsibility, and Robustness in Machine Learning (5/31/22)

Flipping the Script on Criminal Justice Risk Assessment: An actuarial model for assessing the risk the federal sentencing system poses to defendants (5/26/22)

Perturbation Augmentation for Fairer NLP (5/25/22)

AISOCRATES: Towards Answering Ethical Quandary Questions (5/24/22)

Resistance and refusal to algorithmic harms: Varieties of ‘knowledge projects’ (5/22/22)

Can Foundation Models Wrangle Your Data? (5/20/22)

Survey on Fair Reinforcement Learning: Theory and Practice (5/20/22)

Antidiscrimination Laws, Artificial Intelligence, and Gender Bias: A Case Study in Nonmortgage Fintech Lending (5/18/22)

Marrying Fairness and Explainability in Supervised Learning (5/14/22)

Your Echos are Heard: Tracking, Profiling, and Ad Targeting in the Amazon Smart Speaker Ecosystem (5/11/22)

AI recognition of patient race in medical imaging: a modelling study (5/11/22)

The Conflict Between Explainable and Accountable Decision-Making Algorithms (5/11/22)

De-biasing "bias" measurement (5/11/22)

Towards Intersectionality in Machine Learning: Including More Identities, Handling Underrepresentation, and Performing Evaluation (5/10/22)

The Forgotten Margins of AI Ethics (5/9/22)

Should attention be all we need? The epistemic and ethical implications of unification in machine learning (5/9/22)

Algorithmic Fairness Datasets: the Story so Far (5/6/22)

Rethinking Fairness: An Interdisciplinary Survey of Critiques of Hegemonic ML Fairness Approaches (5/6/22)

Data Governance in the Age of Large-Scale Data-Driven Language Technology (5/4/22)

To make AI fair, here’s what we must learn to do (5/4/22)

Assessing Dataset Bias in Computer Vision (5/3/22)
AI-Driven Contextual Advertising: A Technology Report and Implication Analysis (5/2/22)

Don't Blame the Annotator: Bias Already Starts in the Annotation Instructions (5/1/22)

Handling and Presenting Harmful Text (4/29/22)

Should Machine Learning Models Report to Us When They Are Clueless? (4/28/22)

How Child Welfare Workers Reduce Racial Disparities in Algorithmic Decisions (4/26/22)

Representation-Aware Experimentation: Group Inequality Analysis for A/B Testing and Alerting (4/26/22)

FaiRIR: Mitigating Exposure Bias from Related Item Recommendations in Two-Sided Platforms (4/26/22)

Rewiring What-to-Watch-Next Recommendations to Reduce Radicalization Pathways (4/25/22)

Does Information About AI Regulation Change Manager Evaluation of Ethical Concerns and Intent to Adopt AI? (4/23/22)

Understanding Toxicity Triggers on Reddit in the Context of Singapore (4/19/22)

Demographic-Reliant Algorithmic Fairness: Characterizing the Risks of Demographic Data Collection in the Pursuit of Fairness (4/18/22)

The ethics of AI business practices: a review of 47 AI ethics guidelines (4/13/22)

Artificial intelligence in support of the circular economy: ethical considerations and a path forward (4/11/22)

Structured access: an emerging paradigm for safe AI deployment (4/11/22)

The role of the African value of Ubuntu in global AI inclusion discourse: A normative ethics perspective (4/8/22)

Emognition dataset: emotion recognition with self-reports, facial expressions, and physiology using wearables (4/7/22)

What AI Can Do for Climate Change, and What Climate Change Can Do for AI (4/5/22)

Designing a Future Worth Wanting: Applying Virtue Ethics to HCI (4/5/22)

Data Cards: Purposeful and Transparent Dataset Documentation for Responsible AI (4/3/22)

Explainable AI (Apr 2022)

Unpacking Invisible Work Practices, Constraints, and Latent Power Relationships in Child Welfare through Casenote Analysis (Apr 2022)

Truth Serum: Poisoning Machine Learning Models to Reveal Their Secrets (3/31/22)

Longitudinal Fairness with Censorship (3/30/22)

capAI - A procedure for conducting conformity assessment of AI systems in line with the EU Artificial Intelligence Act (3/23/22)

Consent as a Foundation for Responsible Autonomy (3/22/22)

[Spain] Judging the algorithm: A case study on the risk assessment tool for gender-based violence implemented in the Basque country (3/22/22)

A Prompt Array Keeps the Bias Away: Debiasing Vision-Language Models with Adversarial Learning (3/22/22)

Implicit data crimes: Machine learning bias arising from misuse of public data (3/21/22)

Zoom Out and Observe: News Environment Perception for Fake News Detection (3/21/22)


Introducing a Practice-based Compliance Framework for Addressing New Regulatory Challenges in the AI Field (3/17/22)

ToxiGen: A Large-Scale Machine-Generated Dataset for Adversarial and Implicit Hate Speech Detection (3/17/22)

Measuring Fairness of Text Classifiers via Prediction Sensitivity (3/16/22)

Cross-ethnicity/race generalization failure of behavioral prediction from resting-state functional connectivity (3/16/22)

Explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) post-hoc explainability methods: risks and limitations in non-discrimination law (3/15/22)

Probabilistically Robust Recourse: Navigating the Trade-offs between Costs and Robustness in Algorithmic Recourse (3/13/22)

What lies behind AGI: ethical concerns related to LLMs (3/11/22)

Prediction Sensitivity: Continual Audit of Counterfactual Fairness in Deployed Classifiers (3/9/22)

Robustness and Usefulness in AI Explanation Methods (3/9/22)

You reap what you sow: On the Challenges of Bias Evaluation Under Multilingual Settings (3/9/22)

The struggle for recognition in the age of facial recognition technology (3/8/22)

Moral dilemmas for moral machines (3/8/22)

Exploring racial and gender disparities in voice biometrics (3/8/22)

Dual use of artificial-intelligence-powered drug discovery (3/7/22)

A fair pricing model via adversarial learning (3/7/22)

Linguistically-Inclusive Natural Language Processing (3/3/22)

Design Principles for User Interfaces in AI-Based Decision Support Systems: The Case of Explainable Hate Speech Detection (3/2/22)

System Cards for AI-Based Decision-Making for Public Policy (3/1/22)

Do People Engage Cognitively with AI? Impact of AI Assistance on Incidental Learning (Mar 2022)

A Lesson From AI: Ethics Is Not an Imitation Game (Mar 2022)

Defining organizational AI governance (2/24/22)

Algorithmic Domination in the Gig Economy (2/23/22)

Deep Learning Reproducibility and Explainable AI (XAI) (2/23/22)

The Challenge of Understanding What Users Want: Inconsistent Preferences and Engagement Optimization (2/23/22)

Googling for Abortion: Search Engine Mediation of Abortion Accessibility in the United States (2/23/22)

Speciesist bias in AI -- How AI applications perpetuate discrimination and unfair outcomes against animals (2/22/22)

Towards User-Centered Metrics for Trustworthy AI in Immersive Cyberspace (2/22/22)

The four-fifths rule is not disparate impact: a woeful tale of epistemic trespassing in algorithmic fairness (2/19/22)

Seeing Like a toolkit: How Toolkits Envision the Work of AI Ethics (2/17/22)

Vision Models Are More Robust And Fair When Pretrained On Uncurated Images Without Supervision (2/16/22)

Misinformation Detection in Social Media Video Posts (2/15/22)

Predictability and Surprise in Large Generative Models (2/15/22)

Large Pre-trained Language Models Contain Human-like Biases of What is Right and Wrong to Do (2/14/22)

Auditing the AI Auditors: A Framework for Evaluating Fairness and Bias in High Stakes AI Predictive Models (2/14/22)

Regional Differences in Information Privacy Concerns After the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal (2/14/22)

What Does it Mean for a Language Model to Preserve Privacy? (2/14/22)

A Silicon Valley love triangle: Hiring algorithms, pseudo-science, and the quest for auditability (2/11/22)

Who Funds Misinformation? A Systematic Analysis of the Ad-related Profit Routines of Fake News sites (2/10/22)

EU and US legislation seek to open up digital platform data (2/10/22)

Assessing the Fairness of AI Systems: AI Practitioners’ Processes, Challenges, and Needs for Support (2/10/22)

Employee Perceptions of the Effective Adoption of AI Principles (2/10/22)

Governing Ethical AI Transformation: A Case Study of AuroraAI (2/10/22)

Fair Outlier Detection Based on Adversarial Representation Learning (2/9/22)

Regulatory Instruments for Fair Personalized Pricing (2/9/22)

Ethics of AI-Enabled Recruiting and Selection: A Review and Research Agenda (2/8/22)

Cascaded Debiasing : Studying the Cumulative Effect of Multiple Fairness-Enhancing Interventions (2/8/22)

Group Fairness Is Not Derivable From Justice: a Mathematical Proof (2/8/22)

Red Teaming Language Models with Language Models (2/7/22)

Fair Interpretable Representation Learning with Correction Vectors (2/7/22)

Jury Learning: Integrating Dissenting Voices into Machine Learning Models (2/7/22)

Measuring Disparate Outcomes of Content Recommendation Algorithms with Distributional Inequality Metrics (2/3/22)

The Disagreement Problem in Explainable Machine Learning: A Practitioner's Perspective (2/3/22)

Maintaining fairness across distribution shift: do we have viable solutions for real-world applications? (2/2/22)

An Empirical Study of Modular Bias Mitigators and Ensembles (2/1/22)

Algorithmic Domination in the Gig Economy (Feb 2022)

How Explainability Contributes to Trust in AI (1/30/22)

Case Study: The Distilling of a Biased Algorithmic Decision System through a Business Lens (1/27/22)

Examination of Stigmatizing Language in the Electronic Health Record (1/27/22)

Fairness implications of encoding protected categorical attributes (1/27/22)

Promises and Challenges of Causality for Ethical Machine Learning (1/26/22)

People Prefer Moral Discretion to Algorithms: Algorithm Aversion Beyond Intransparency (1/26/22)

Handling Bias in Toxic Speech Detection: A Survey (1/26/22)

Embedded ethics: a proposal for integrating ethics into the development of medical AI (1/26/22)

Whose Language Counts as High Quality? Measuring Language Ideologies in Text Data Selection (1/25/22)

An Algorithmic Framework for Bias Bounties (1/25/22)

Responsibility assignment won’t solve the moral issues of artificial intelligence (1/25/22)

​​Bias in Automated Speaker Recognition (1/24/22)

Evaluating a Methodology for Increasing AI Transparency: A Case Study (1/24/22)

Synthetic Data -- Anonymisation Groundhog Day (1/24/22)

LaMDA: Towards Safe, Grounded, and High-Quality Dialog Models for Everything (1/21/22)

Can a Model Be Differentially Private and Fair?

Ethics-based auditing of automated decision-making systems: intervention points and policy implications (1/16/22)

Tools and Practices for Responsible AI Engineering (1/14/22)

The Turing Trap: The Promise & Peril of Human-Like Artificial Intelligence (1/11/22)

Learning Fair Node Representations with Graph Counterfactual Fairness (1/10/22)

[Japan] Octagon Measurement: Public Attitudes toward AI Ethics (1/10/22)

Conversational AI Systems for Social Good: Opportunities and Challenges (1/8/22)

Board Responsibility for Artificial Intelligence Oversight (1/5/22)

The AI Carbon Footprint and Responsibilities of AI Scientists (1/5/22)

Studying Up Machine Learning Data: Why Talk About Bias When We Mean Power? (Jan 2022)

Innovation as a Force for Equity (2022)

Why AI Ethics Is a Critical Theory (2022)

Embedded ethics: a proposal for integrating ethics into the development of medical AI (2022)

The Deskilling of Domain Expertise in AI Development (2022)


Directly Discriminatory Algorithms (2022)

Evaluating algorithmic fairness in the presence of clinical guidelines: the case of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease risk estimation (2022)

Biased AI systems produce biased humans (2022)

Government, NGO, and expert publications

An epic AI Debate—and why everyone should be at least a little bit worried about AI going into 2023 (12/31/22)

[Netherlands] In poor neighborhoods, the government still predicts fraud (12/20/22)


Serbia, algorithmic discrimination rehearsals (12/14/22)

Not Everything is AI (12/12/22)

[Finland] Wolt: Couriers’ feelings don’t always match the transparency report (12/9/22)

[Netherlands] First suspicion of algorithmic discrimination successfully substantiated (12/9/22)

Designing Truly Human-Centered AI (12/8/22)

AI Governance in the time of Generative AI (12/8/22)

ChatGPT is a bullshit generator. But it can still be amazingly useful (12/6/22)

Can LLMs Enhance the Conversational AI Experience? (12/6/22)

A DIY Approach to Algorithmic Audits (12/5/22)

Silicon Valley and the Environmental Costs of AI (12/5/22)

Synthesizing Introspection: The AI Mediated Self (12/4/22)

10 Things You Should Not Do with AI (At Least For Now) (12/2/22)

Why tech companies are struggling to build responsible products and what can be done about it. (2022)

Better Together: The difference between MLOps & AI Governance and why you need both to deliver on Responsible AI (12/1/22)

TTC Joint Roadmap for Trustworthy AI and Risk Management (12/1/22)

Algorithmic elections: How automated systems quietly disenfranchise voters (12/1/22)

[Norway] Companies use design to take our time, money and personal data (12/1/22)

Implementation Challenges to Three Pillars of America's AI Strategy (Dec 2022)

Algorithms and the Perceived Legitimacy of Content Moderation (Dec 2022)

Deploying High-Quality and Trustworthy AI Insights from Leading AI Practitioners (Dec 2022)

Looking before we leap: Expanding ethical review processes for AI and data science research (Dec 2022)

[Singapore] Singapore’s free AI therapy-bot is as problematic as you’d think (11/29/22)

[Spain] Datafying Islamophobia in Catalonia (11/23/22)

How Do We Design and Develop Human-Centered AI? (11/23/22)

Unstable Diffusion: Ethical challenges and some ways forward (11/14/22)

Now I’m Seen: An AI Ethics Discussion Across the Globe (11/14/22)

Ensuring AI works with the right dose of curiosity (11/10/22)

Algorithms Quietly Run the City of DC—and Maybe Your Hometown (11/3/22)

Police Facebook Posts Disproportionately Highlight Crimes Involving Black Suspects, Study Finds (11/2/22)

How researchers are upping their game to audit recommender systems (11/2/22)

Screened & Scored in D.C. (11/1/22)

Balancing Fairness and Efficiency in Health Plan Payments (Nov 2022)

[UK] The Regulation of Artificial Intelligence as a Medical Device (Nov 2022)

NLRB General Counsel Issues Memo on Unlawful Electronic Surveillance and Automated Management Practices (10/31/22)

Visa-free travelers to the EU will undergo “risk” checks from 2023. Who counts as risky remains unclear (10/26/22)

Russia Uses Facial Recognition to Hunt Down Draft Evaders (10/26/22)

A New Law Designed for Children’s Internet Safety Will Change the Web for Adults, Too (10/25/22)

Evaluating Language Model Bias with 🤗 Evaluate (10/24/22)

Faced with justice, the town hall of Marseille defends algorithmic video surveillance (10/20/22)

Trustworthy Infrastructures: Exploring Emerging Approaches to Building Trust Online (10/19/22)

How to Make AI More Ethical, Transparent and Useful for Everyone (10/18/22)

AI in the Loop: Humans Must Remain in Charge (10/17/22)

A Human-Centered Approach to the AI Revolution (10/17/22)

EU rules for AI have some distance to go (10/17/22)

Here's how employers can make sure technology improves jobs (10/17/22)

The Responsible Service of Data (10/14/22)

Can an AI be sentient? Cultural perspectives on sentience and on the potential ethical implications of the rise of sentient AI. (10/13/22)

Echo chambers, rabbit holes, and ideological bias: How YouTube recommends content to real users (10/13/22)

The Supply Chain Risk You Didn’t Know About: Navigating Responsible Sourcing in AI (10/13/22)

AT THE DIGITAL DOORSTEP: How Customers Use Doorbell Cameras to Manage Delivery Workers (10/12/22)

Measuring perception in AI models (10/12/22)


AI May Help Ensure the Medical Privacy of Adolescent Patients (10/10/22)

The limits of the quantitative approach to discrimination (10/11/22)

[Italy] Italian neofascists considered building an authoritarian AI to solve unemployment. They are far from alone. (10/10/22)

Artificial intelligence image generators bring delight - and concern (10/7/22)

One of the Biggest Problems in Regulating AI Is Agreeing on a Definition (10/6/22)

3 ways global youth is securing responsible AI (10/5/22)

How to Read the White House’s Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights (10/4/22)

The White House blueprint for AI (10/4/22)

White House Releases Long-Awaited “AI Bill of Rights” Document (10/4/22)

White House AI Bill of Rights lacks specific recommendations for AI rules (10/4/22)

Monitoring natural language processing and computer vision models, Part 1 (10/3/22)

HAI Policy Brief: Using Algorithm Audits to Understand AI (Oct 2022)

The Streets Are Watching You: How Billboards Are Spying On You (Oct 2022)

Fueling the AI transformation: Four key actions powering widespread value from AI, right now. Deloitte’s State of AI in the Enterprise, 5th Edition report (Oct 2022)

The streets are watching you: How billboards are spying on you (Oct 2022)



Reconciling the AI Value Chain with the EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act (9/30/22)

Lessons Learned from Algorithmic Impact Assessments in Practice (9/29/22)

AI and Job Quality: Insights from Workers (9/28/22)


Meta’s actions “adversely impacted” Palestinians’ rights: Access Now welcomes BSR findings (9/27/22)

Is it enough to audit recruitment algorithms for bias? (9/27/22)

The Human Bots Who Power Parasite Platforms (9/27/22)

Greece plans automated drones to spot people crossing border (9/23/22)

Improving transparency in AI by exploring new avenues for human feedback, robustness, and documentation (9/22/22)

AI Bias Bar Keeps Rising for HRTech (9/15/22)

There’s no Tiananmen Square in the new Chinese image-making AI (9/14/22)

A PRIMER ON AI IN/FROM THE MAJORITY WORLD: An Empirical Site and a Standpoint (9/14/22)

Mimetic models: Ethical implications of AI that acts like you (9/13/22)

McKinsey: Why Digital Trust Truly Matters (9/12/22)

Can AI Be Sexist? (9/9/22)

Actionable Guidance for High-Consequence AI Risk Management: Towards Standards Addressing AI Catastrophic Risks (9/7/22)

New report outlines roadmap for cities to deploy autonomous delivery technology (9/5/22)

Responsible artificial intelligence is good business (9/2/22)

Promoting Algorithmic Fairness in Clinical Risk Prediction (Sept 2022)

SPSC: Mid-Decade Challenges to National Competitiveness (Sept 2022)

Privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs): Draft anonymisation, pseudonymisation and privacy enhancing technologies guidance (Sept. 2022)

Attorney General Bonta Launches Inquiry into Racial and Ethnic Bias in Healthcare Algorithms (8/31/22)

The Ethical AI Startup Ecosystem 03: ModelOps, Monitoring, and Observability (8/31/22)

FTC Sues Kochava for Selling Data that Tracks People at Reproductive Health Clinics, Places of Worship, and Other Sensitive Locations (8/29/22)

Jazmia Henry: Building Inclusive NLP (8/29/22)

WEF: How can the aviation industry make AI safer? (8/25/22)

Technology Primer: Social Media Recommendation Algorithms (8/25/22)

The EU’s attempt to regulate open-source AI is counterproductive (8/24/22)

New ISO/IEC report offers guidance on the responsible adoption of AI (8/23/22)

AI Audits Are Coming to HR: What HR Tech Companies and Professionals Need to Know (8/17/22)

Neema Iyer: Digital Extractivism in Africa Mirrors Colonial Practices (8/15/22)

NYC Bias Audit Law: Clock ticking for Employers and HR Talent Technology Vendors (8/15/22)

FOI reveals over 12,000 people profiled by flawed Durham police predictive AI tool (8/15/22)

HAI Policy Boot Camp: 5 Insights for Lawmakers (8/12/22)

FTC Explores Rules Cracking Down on Commercial Surveillance and Lax Data Security Practices (8/11/22)

Witnessing Algorithms at Work: Toward a Typology of Audits (8/11/22)

Borrowing from the Law to Filter Training Data for Foundation Models (8/10/22)

The State of State AI Policy (2021-22 Legislative Session) (8/8/22)

How AI Conferences Can Foster a Responsible Research Culture (8/3/22)

Can machines learn how to behave? (8/3/22)

Hidden Harms: The Misleading Promise of Monitoring Students Online (8/2/22)

Can Foundation Models Help Us Achieve “Perfect Secrecy”? (8/1/22)

How the myth of control is shaping the ethics of AI (7/29/22)

How does information about AI regulation affect managers’ choices? (7/28/22)

Ensuring the Fairness of Algorithms that Predict Patient Disease Risk (7/27/22)

Facial Recognition Technology: CBP Traveler Identity Verification and Efforts to Address Privacy Issues (7/27/22)

[EU] Auditing the quality of datasets used in algorithmic decision-making systems (7/25/22)

A technique to improve both fairness and accuracy in artificial intelligence (7/20/22)

Leakage and the Reproducibility Crisis in ML-based Science (July 2022)

30% of Google's Emotions Dataset is Mislabeled (7/11/22)

Location, health, and other sensitive information: FTC committed to fully enforcing the law against illegal use and sharing of highly sensitive data (7/11/22)

Governing data and artificial intelligence for all: Models for sustainable and just data governance (7/11/22)

'Fair' AI could help redress bias against Black US homebuyers (7/4/22)


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Israel Police using controversial profiling algorithm at airport in fight against drugs (11/14/22)

[Italy] Video surveillance: stop of the facial recognition privacy guarantor and smart glasses. The Authority opens investigations against two Municipalities (11/14/22)

Billionaires gone wild: Musk, Zuckerberg slash jobs, roll dice with future of Bay Area tech icons (11/9/22)

Twitter lays off staff including whole ethics team, temporarily closes offices (11/4/22)

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Denmark has a new political party led by an AI chatbot (10/18/22)

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AI training bill becomes law (10/18/22)

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Boston Dynamics pledges not to weaponize its robots (10/6/22)

AI Ethics And AI Law Are Moving Toward Standards That Explicitly Identify And Manage AI Biases (10/6/22)

AI Act: EU Parliament’s discussions heat up over facial recognition, scope (10/6/22)

[Canada] Edmonton police retract DNA-derived mugshot (10/6/22)

Stop Asking Neurodivergent People to Change the Way They Communicate (10/5/22)

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Biden’s AI Bill of Rights Is Toothless Against Big Tech (10/4/22)

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[Italy] Sebastian Galassi, the student-rider who died in Florence during a delivery and was fired the next day with an (automatic) email (10/4/22)

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DeepMind’s new chatbot uses Google searches plus humans to give better answers (9/22/22)

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Getty bans AI-generated art due to copyright concerns (9/21/22)

Responsible AI is a top management concern, so why aren’t organizations deploying it? (9/21/22)

‘Very Harmful’ Lack of Data Blunts U.S. Response to Outbreaks (9/20/22)

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Deepfake audio has a tell – researchers use fluid dynamics to spot artificial imposter voices (9/20/22)

Twitter pranksters derail GPT-3 bot with newly discovered “prompt injection” hack (9/16/22)

AI Act: Czech Presidency puts forward narrower classification of high-risk systems (9/16/22)

The FTC zeroes in on fake countdown clocks and pre-checked boxes (9/15/22)

[Switzerland] Swiss cities do not want automatic facial recognition (9/15/22)

Google Deepmind Researcher Co-Authors Paper Saying AI Will Eliminate Humanity (9/13/22)

AI stalks influencers in the wild to expose horrors of high-tech surveillance (9/13/22)

The FTC Is Closing in on Runaway AI (9/12/22)

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EU AI Act’s possible open-source regulation sparks Twitter debate (9/9/22)

Here’s why A.I. chatbots might have more empathy than your manager (9/8/22)

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[Canada] Educational tech, including CBC Kids, harvested personal data from children, new report claims (5/25/22)

Singapore launches new framework to help companies measure reliability, safety of AI products and services (5/25/22)

Female avatar sexually assaulted in Meta VR platform, campaigners say (5/25/22)

Oxford High School tests AI gun detection system in wake of shooting (5/25/22)

[Ireland] Facial recognition technology 'not about mass surveillance' - McEntee (5/25/22)

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MIT, Harvard scientists find AI can recognize race from X-rays — and nobody knows how (5/15/22)

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Justice, EEOC Release Guide To Prevent AI Discrimination (5/13/22)

Responsible innovation looks to tackle issues of algorithmic bias (5/13/22)

U.S. cities are backing off banning facial recognition as crime rises (5/12/22)

Facebook Promised to Remove “Sensitive” Ads. Here’s What It Left Behind (5/12/22)

EEOC, DOJ 'sounding alarm' over AI hiring tools that screen out disabled applicants (5/12/22)

AI Hiring Tools Can Violate Disability Protections, Government Warns (5/12/22)

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Human rights organizations ask Zoom to scrap its emotion tracking AI in open letter (5/11/22)

Clearview AI settles suit and agrees to limit sales of facial recognition database. (5/9/22)
Facebook’s New AI System Has a ‘High Propensity’ for Racism and Bias (5/9/22)

Perceptron: AI bias can arise from annotation instructions (5/8/22)

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Stanford researchers propose ‘jury learning’ as a way to mitigate bias in AI (2/10/22)

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APD hopes artificial intelligence can help with staff shortages at 911 center (2/8/22)

NHS England works with Ada Lovelace Institute to tackle AI bias in healthcare (2/8/22)

This Senate bill would force companies to audit AI used for housing and loans (2/8/22)

Despite recent progress, AI-powered chatbots still have a long way to go (2/5/22)

Lawmakers Press Amazon on Sales of Chemical Used in Suicides (2/4/22)

Singapore releases software toolkit to guide financial sector on AI ethics (2/4/22)

How AI helps finance improve inclusion and predict future trends (2/4/22)

Society won’t trust A.I. until business earns that trust (2/4/22)

Potential Bias in AI Consumer Decision Tools Eyed by FTC, CFPB (2/3/22)

The state of AI ethics: The principles, the tools, the regulations (2/3/22)

Outgoing ethical AI researcher describes 'the rot' inside Google (2/2/22)

Three ways to ensure health tech innovation benefits all (1/30/22)

Fujitsu to stand up AI ethics and governance office (1/30/22)

Monetizing and protecting an AI-powered virtual identity in today’s world (1/29/22)

Suicide hotline shares data with for-profit spinoff, raising ethical questions (1/28/22)

Cisco Battles Bias, Discrimination With Responsible AI (1/27/22)

The IRS Should Stop Using Facial Recognition (1/27/22)

Big businesses want 'flexible' and limited AI regulations (1/26/22)

Flaws plague a tool meant to help low-risk federal prisoners win early release (1/26/22)

AI Could Finally Help Crack Down on Hate Speech (1/25/22)

IT leaders should measure and balance fairness in AI models, Forrester says (1/24/22)

An AI system that thinks fast and slow (1/24/22)

Light sensors on wearables struggle with dark skin and obesity (1/21/22)

How Facebook and Amazon Rely on an Invisible Workforce (1/19/22)

Employee surveillance is exploding with remote work—and could be the new norm (1/9/22)

Men Are Creating AI Girlfriends and Then Verbally Abusing Them (1/18/22)

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The Rise of A.I. Fighter Pilots (1/17/22)

Former Google scientist says the computers that run our lives exploit us — and he has a way to stop them (1/17/22)

When It Comes to Health Care, AI Has a Long Way to Go (1/16/22)

More Than One in Three Firms Burned by AI Bias (1/12/22)

This Private Equity Firm Is Amassing Companies That Collect Data on America’s Children (1/11/22)

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The Future of Tech Is Here. Congress Isn't Ready for It (1/7/22)

What Buddhism can do for AI ethics (1/6/22)

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Civil society calls for AI red lines in the European Union’s Artificial Intelligence proposal (1/12/21)

China’s social credit system was due by 2020 but is far from ready (1/12/21)

California Company Settles FTC Allegations It Deceived Consumers about use of Facial Recognition in Photo Storage App (1/11/21)

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In Poland, a law made loan algorithms transparent. Implementation is nonexistent. (1/6/21)

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Why Employers Should Stop Relying On AI As A Recruitment Tool (11/30/21)

Clearview AI, a facial recognition company, is fined for breach of Britain’s privacy laws. (11/29/21)

Op-Ed: Medical bias can be deadly. Our research found a way to curb it (11/29/21)

Ex-Google workers sue company, saying it betrayed 'Don't Be Evil' motto (11/29/21)

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Defense Innovation Unit publishes ethical AI guidelines (11/23/21)

Racial bias found in medical devices (11/22/21)

Europe’s AI laws will cost companies a small fortune – but the payoff is trust (11/21/21)

[UK] DWP urged to reveal algorithm that ‘targets’ disabled for benefit fraud (11/21/21)

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Singapore’s tech-utopia dream is turning into a surveillance state nightmare (11/16/21)

The Department of Defense is issuing AI ethics guidelines for tech contractors (11/16/21)

With the Metaverse on the way, an AI bill of rights is urgent (11/13/21)

New York City passed a bill requiring 'bias audits' of AI hiring tech (11/12/21)

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Algorithmic tracking is ‘damaging mental health’ of UK workers (11/11/21)

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Facebook told employees to avoid the words 'discrimination' and 'bias' (11/11/21)

Women in tech are fighting A.I. bias—but where are the men? (11/10/21)

White House A.I. director says U.S. should model Europe’s approach to regulation (11/10/21)

Facebook says it can’t keep pace with its own Oversight Board - Protocol — The people, power and politics of tech (11/9/21)

Timnit Gebru Says Artificial Intelligence Needs to Slow Down (11/9/21)

House lawmakers want to force Meta and other social media companies to let their users turn off engagement-hungry algorithms, report says (11/9/21)

New bipartisan bill takes aim at algorithms (11/9/21)

Thinking Through the Ethics of New Tech…Before There’s a Problem (11/9/21)

Meta plans to remove thousands of sensitive ad-targeting categories. (11/9/21)

Fighting bias in A.I. means acknowledging it exists (11/9/21)

Why machine-learning chatbots find it difficult to respond to idioms, metaphors, rhetorical questions, sarcasm (11/8/21)

LAPD ended predictive policing programs amid public outcry. A new effort shares many of their flaws (11/8/21)

Accents and AI: how speech recognition software could lead to new forms of discrimination (11/8/21)

Israel escalates surveillance of Palestinians with facial recognition program in West Bank (11/5/21)

Tackle racism in AI, BLM co-founder tells tech bosses (11/4/21)

Australia Has Ordered Clearview AI To Delete All Facial Recognition Data Belonging To Its Citizens (11/3/21)

[Denmark] ​​Algorithm must prioritize the municipality's children's cases: "We work thoroughly to remove bias" (11/3/21)

An Ethics Bounty System Could Help Clean Up the Web (11/3/21)

How Big Tech dominates EU's AI ethics group (11/3/21)


The AI Chapter of Disability Employment (10/29/21)
Done right, human ethics can ensure AI bias is curbed (10/28/21)

How Alibaba tracks China’s delivery drivers (10/27/21)

Five points for anger, one for a ‘like’: How Facebook’s formula fostered rage and misinformation (10/26/21)

[UK] This AI Predicts How Old Children Are. Can It Keep Them Safe? (10/26/21)

[Scotland] Schools pause facial recognition lunch plans (10/25/21)

Facebook Services Are Used to Spread Religious Hatred in India, Internal Documents Show (10/23/21)

Google's AI researchers say their output is being slowed by lawyers after a string of high-level exits: 'Getting published really is a nightmare right now' (10/22/21)

Researchers: A.I. can play a role in eliminating bias in lending, but only with human help (10/22/21)

Ethics By Design: Steps To Prepare For AI Rules Changes (10/21/21)

Twitter’s own research shows that it’s a megaphone for the right. But it’s complicated. (10/21/21)

AI projects to tackle racial inequality in UK healthcare, says Javid (10/20/21)

How machine learning can be fair and accurate (10/20/21)

The AI oracle of Delphi uses the problems of Reddit to offer dubious moral advice (10/20/21)

Google quietly tweaks image search for racial diversity (10/19/21)

ICO to step in after schools use facial recognition to speed up lunch queue (10/18/21)

Facial recognition cameras arrive in UK school canteens (10/16/21)

Can NYC Build an Ethical Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem? (10/15/21)

[Spain, Austria] Researchers show Facebook’s ad tools can target a single user (10/15/21)

One second, 150 dismissals: Inside the algorithms that decide who should lose their job (10/14/21)

Report: 80% of consumers prefer to speak with AI to avoid long hold times (10/14/21)

Much ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Is Still People Behind a Screen (10/13/21)

Home quarantine apps spark privacy fears over facial recognition and geolocation technology (10/13/21)

AI fake-face generators can be rewound to reveal the real faces they trained on (10/12/21)

Lawmakers’ latest idea to fix Facebook: Regulate the algorithm (10/12/21)

Microsoft taps AI techniques to bring Translator to 100 languages (10/11/21)

Guest post: AI surveillance in prisons is a terrible idea, both technologically and ethically (10/9/21)

[UK] Legal action over alleged Uber facial verification bias (10/8/21)

Americans Need a Bill of Rights for an AI-Powered World (10/8/21)

Europe wants to champion human rights. So why doesn’t it police biased AI in recruiting? (10/8/21)

[India] A tiny tweak to Zomato’s algorithm led to lost delivery riders, stolen bikes and missed wages (10/7/21)

[Portugal] Government wants police with access to biometric data. Proposal against the opinion of European authorities (10/6/21)

[Singapore] ‘Dystopian world’: Singapore patrol robots stoke fears of surveillance state (10/6/21)

Driving AI innovation in tandem with regulation (10/6/21)

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European Parliament calls for a ban on facial recognition (10/6/21)

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Ex-Uber driver takes legal action over ‘racist’ face-recognition software (10/5/21)

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For Tesla, Facebook and Others, AI’s Flaws Are Getting Harder to Ignore (10/4/21)

Robots are hiding 27 million workers from employers who need them (10/4/21)

Chinese AI gets ethical guidelines for the first time, aligning with Beijing’s goal of reining in Big Tech (10/3/21)

Chinese AI gets ethical guidelines for the first time, aligning with Beijing’s goal of reining in Big Tech (10/3/21)

Need Help With Recruiting and Staffing? Ethical AI Might the Solution (10/3/21)

The truth about artificial intelligence? It isn’t that honest (10/2/21)

Web of policies not syncing up into single federal AI strategy, report warns (9/30/21)

Can A.I. prevent gambling addiction? DraftKings target Entain thinks so (9/30/21)

Building trustworthy AI (9/30/21)

Legal framework for artificial intelligence advances in Brazil (9/29/21)

Every country must decide own definition of acceptable AI use (9/29/21)

Hasta la vista, baby! Australia not dealing with AI threat (9/29/21)
These high school students are fighting for ethical AI (9/29/21)

[EU] Algorithms of trauma: new case study shows that Facebook doesn’t give users real control over disturbing surveillance ads (9/28/21)

Leaked Documents Show How Amazon’s Astro Robot Tracks Everything You Do (9/28/21)

Race, gender and representation: The grey area of the metaverse (9/28/21)

Behind the scenes: How Twitter decided to open up its image-cropping algorithm to the public (9/27/21)

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We need concrete protections from artificial intelligence threatening human rights (9/26/21)

AI tradeoffs: Balancing powerful models and potential biases (9/24/21)

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Dark Patterns that Mislead Consumers Are All Over the Internet (6/3/21)

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McDonald’s is testing automated drive-thru ordering at 10 Chicago restaurants (6/2/21)

Machine learning is booming in medicine. It’s also facing a credibility crisis (6/2/21)

Senate Democrats Urge Google To Investigate Racial Bias In Its Tools And The Company (6/2/21)

FACIAL RECOGNITION  TECHNOLOGY: Federal Law  Enforcement  Agencies Should  Better Assess Privacy  and Other Risks (June 2021)

A rogue killer drone 'hunted down' a human target without being instructed to, UN report says (5/30/21)

Skin in the frame: black photographers welcome Google initiative (5/28/21)

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[EU] Clearview AI hit with sweeping legal complaints over controversial face scraping in Europe (5/27/21)

[EU] The Grand Normalization of Mass Surveillance: ECtHR Grand Chamber Judgments in Big Brother Watch and Centrum för rättvisa (5/26/21)

To regulate AI, try playing in a sandbox (5/26/21)

Google Strikes Deal With Hospital Chain to Develop Healthcare Algorithms (5/26/21)

AI emotion-detection software tested on Uyghurs (5/26/21)

Report finds startling disinterest in ethical, responsible use of AI among business leaders (5/25/21)

65% of execs can’t explain how their AI models make decisions, survey finds (5/25/21)

How ‘blind learning’ could solve A.I.’s ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ dilemma (5/25/21)

‘AI’ is being used to profile people from their head vibrations – but is there enough evidence to support it? (5/24/21)

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Spotify, don’t spy: global coalition of 180+ musicians and human rights groups take a stand against speech-recognition technology (5/19/21)

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Innovative free course empowers citizens to advocate for ethical AI (5/19/21)

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Amazon extends ban on police use of its facial recognition technology indefinitely (5/18/21)

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[New Zealand] Jacinda Ardern calls for ‘ethical algorithms’ to help stop online radicalisation (5/14/21)

We need to design distrust into AI systems to make them safer (5/13/21)

[UK] AI and robots to assess patients in NHS plan to tackle record waiting lists (5/13/21)

[China] Chinese Users Do Care About Online Privacy (5/12/21)

Instagram Censored Posts About One Of Islam’s Holiest Mosques, Drawing Employee Ire (5/12/21)

Trustworthy AI versus ethical AI - what's the difference, and why does it matter? (5/11/21) adds emotion, style detection tools to natural language API (5/10/21)

Blind people, advocates slam company claiming to make websites ADA compliant (5/9/21)

[Israel] Sheikh Jarrah: Activists raise concerns over deleted social media content (5/7/21)

Deepfake detectors and datasets exhibit racial and gender bias, USC study shows (5/6/21)

California's “Equity” Algorithm Could Leave 2 Million Struggling Californians Without Additional Vaccine Supply (5/6/21)

Proper data hygiene critical as enterprises focus on AI governance (5/6/21)

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Shhhh, they’re listening: Inside the coming voice-profiling revolution (5/3/21)

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Using AI to root out unconscious bias (5/1/21)

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[Russia] ‘Deepfake’ that supposedly fooled European politicians was just a look-alike, say pranksters (4/30/21)

[Portugal] "It is worrying for democracy." TAP uses "heartless" algorithm to fire (4/30/21)

King County government must turn its back on facial recognition technology (4/30/21)

Credit Card Ads Were Targeted by Age, Violating Facebook’s Anti-Discrimination Policy (4/29/21)

Inside Snapchat's push to make cameras more inclusive (4/29/21)

Black Man Accuses AI of Being Racist After Passport Photo Is Rejected in Viral Video (4/28/21)

Kind Environments for technology organisations? [part two] (4/28/21)

N.Y.P.D. Robot Dog’s Run Is Cut Short After Fierce Backlash (4/28/21)

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IBM and Microsoft Have Integrated AI Ethical Standards into Their Operations, So Can You (4/28/21)

Congress drags algorithms out of the shadows (4/27/21)

Antiracism in AI: How to Build Bias Checkpoints Into Your Development and Delivery Process (4/27/21)

To Fight Social Media Disinformation, Look to the Algorithms (4/27/21)

Ex-Google employee: Big Tech's biz model is 'a society that is addicted, outraged, polarized' (4/27/21)

Artificial Intelligence Is Misreading Human Emotion (4/27/21)

[UAE] Sharjah Police drones use face-recognition technology to identify wanted criminals (4/26/21)

Intersectionality, Inequity And Imminence Of AI: A Human Perspective (4/26/21)

AI at work isn’t always intelligent (4/26/21)

Despite acknowledged promise: Fear, uncertainty and doubt surround AI adoption (4/26/21)

‘Make Algorithmic Audits As Ubiquitous As Seatbelts’—Why Tech Needs Outside Help To Serve Humanity  (4/26/21)

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Algorithmic Nudges Don’t Have to Be Unethical (4/22/21)

Stanford study questions how medical AI devices are evaluated (4/22/21)

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To ensure inclusivity, the Biden administration must double down on AI development initiatives (4/22/21)

Microsoft and Big Tech Can’t Distance Themselves From the Police Violence They Fuel (4/21/21)

Europe throws down gauntlet on AI with new rulebook (4/21/21)

In scramble to respond to Covid-19, hospitals turned to models with high risk of bias (4/21/21)

6 key battles ahead for Europe’s AI law (4/21/21)

Europe's Proposed Limits on AI Would Have Global Consequences (4/21/21)

Google Ethical AI Group’s Turmoil Began Long Before Public Unraveling (4/21/21)

FTC issues stern warning: Biased AI may break the law (4/20/21)

‘Detoxified’ language models might marginalize minorities, says study (4/20/21)

AI vs. Maya Angelou: Experimental Evidence That People Cannot Differentiate AI-Generated From Human-Written Poetry (4/19/21)

Nextdoor will alert users if it thinks they’re about to post something racist (4/19/21)

She’s taking Jeff Bezos to task (4/19/21)

US banks deploy AI to monitor customers, workers amid tech backlash (4/19/21)

Hackers Used to Be Humans. Soon, AIs Will Hack Humanity (4/19/21)

Google translation AI botches legal terms 'enjoin,' 'garnish' -research (4/19/21)

Here’s why we should never trust AI to identify our emotions (4/18/21)

Data and computer scientists, ecologists, pathologists and legal scholars study AI's biases (4/16/21)

[Sweden] World Moving Towards a “Devastating Marriage” of Artificial Intelligence & Weapons of War (4/16/21)

[Italy] Facial recognition: Sari Real Time does not comply with the privacy policy (4/16/21)

[Netherlands] Rotterdam Court of Audit: risk of biased outcomes due to the use of algorithms (4/15/21)

Amazon and Microsoft team up to defend against facial recognition lawsuits (4/15/21)

MEPs call for European AI rules to ban biometric surveillance in public (4/15/21)

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Revealed: the Facebook loophole that lets world leaders deceive and harass their citizens (4/12/21)

Society dictated your face, according to biometrics research and a patent (4/12/21)

Hitting the Books: How biased AI can hurt users or boost a business's bottom line (4/10/21)

Black women, AI, and overcoming historical patterns of abuse (4/10/21)

[Sweden] CKP's test use of a program intended for face recognition has been reported to the Data Protection Ombudsman (4/9/21)

[South Asia] From Lahore to Lucknow, crimes against women spur more surveillance (4/9/21)

Artificial intelligence isn’t helping you hire the best person for the job (4/9/21)

Shedding light on fairness in AI with a new data set (4/8/21)

A $2 Billion Government Surveillance Lab Created Tech That Guesses Your Name By Simply Looking At Your Face (4/8/21)

Students of color are getting flagged to their teachers because testing software can’t see them (4/8/21)

In all police stations in France, facial recognition is used (4/7/21)

Study suggests that AI model selection might introduce bias (4/7/21)

[EU] Europeans can’t talk about racist AI systems. They lack the words. (4/6/21)

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A South Korean Chatbot Shows Just How Sloppy Tech Companies Can Be With User Data (4/2/21)

These Companies Track Millions Of Cars—Immigration And Border Police Have Been Grabbing Their Data (4/1/21)

Study finds that even the best speech recognition systems exhibit bias (4/1/21)

[UK] Technology Managing People – the legal implications (March 2021)

AI experts warn Facebook’s anti-bias tool is ‘completely insufficient’ (3/31/21)

The Foundations of AI Are Riddled With Errors (3/31/21)

[UK] We’ve won our lawsuit over Matt Hancock’s £23m NHS data deal with Palantir (3/30/21)

Utah Gave $20 Million Contract to AI Surveillance Firm That Didn’t Have AI (3/30/21)

MIT study finds labelling errors in datasets used to test AI (3/29/21)

Automated translation is hopelessly sexist, but don’t blame the algorithm or the training data (3/29/21)

Americans think AI has the most potential to cause harm over next decade (3/29/21)

FBI warns of the rise of 'deepfakes' in coming months and explains how to spot them easily (3/29/21)

[Australia] ‘Dangerous future’ in NDIS tech experimentation (3/28/21)

[Brazil] Anti-racism, technology and artificial intelligence in Brazil: a chat at Mozfest, by Mozilla (3/28/21)

AI: Ghost workers demand to be seen and heard (3/28/21)

Why Representation Matters When Building AI (3/28/21)

[Spain] Aragón will implement an algorithm for the detection of suicide risk in his clinical history (3/26/21)

If Mark Zuckerberg won’t fix Facebook’s algorithms problem, who will? (3/26/21)

Scotland launches AI strategy with a focus on ethics and inclusion (3/26/21)

Judge: Companies can be sued over Michigan unemployment fraud fiasco (3/26/21)

[Germany] Allocation of vaccination appointments: Are older people disadvantaged? (3/25/21)

AI at work: Staff 'hired and fired by algorithm' (3/25/21)

[Netherlands] Roeland (22) was kicked from TikTok because the app thinks he is under 13 (3/23/21)

Amazon Delivery Drivers Forced to Sign 'Biometric Consent' Form or Lose Job (3/23/21)

After Clearview, more bad actors in A.I. facial recognition might show up (3/23/21)

Major flaws found in machine learning for COVID-19 diagnosis (3/23/21)

How synthetic data could save AI (3/20/21)

Uber under pressure over facial recognition checks for drivers (3/19/21)

[UK] Uber drivers claim they were fired after company's identification software failed to recognise their faces (3/19/21)

What happens when your massive text-generating neural net starts spitting out people's phone numbers? If you're OpenAI, you create a filter (3/18/21)

The Pandemic Could Accelerate Job Automation—and Inequality (3/18/21)

A New York Lawmaker Wants to Ban Police Use of Armed Robots (3/18/21)

AI can be unintentionally biased: Data cleaning and awareness can help prevent the problem (3/18/21)

‘Anonymized’ X-ray datasets can reveal patient identities (3/17/21)

California bans ‘dark patterns’ that trick users into giving away their personal data (3/16/21)

Europe’s artificial intelligence blindspot: Race (3/16/21)

[Netherlands] Tens of thousands of people may falsely enter police face database (3/16/21)

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NFTs have been criticized for being environmentally unethical (3/15/21)

Who Is Making Sure the A.I. Machines Aren’t Racist? (3/15/21)

Preventing bias in AI is hard. Bug bounties could point the way forward (3/15/21)

Tenant screening software faces national reckoning (3/14/21)

Getting to trustworthy AI (3/14/21)

Google might ask questions about AI ethics, but it doesn't want answers (3/13/21)

Dutch court rulings break new ground on gig worker data rights (3/12/21)

[Spain] The 'riders' law will oblige companies to inform unions about algorithms that affect working conditions (3/11/21)

[France] In the Official Journal, "smart" cameras to measure the rate of mask wearing in transport (3/11/21)

GAO’s emerging tech shop developing framework to test reliability of AI algorithms (3/11/21)

How Facebook got addicted to spreading misinformation (3/11/21)

[UK] Hundreds of sewage leaks detected thanks to AI (3/11/21)

[China] Honest passengers first! Beijing subway to pilot credit-based fast entry system (3/10/21)

Biased AI can be bad for your health – here’s how to promote algorithmic fairness (3/9/21)

Artificial intelligence tool helps detect unconscious racial, cultural bias in the workplace (3/8/21)

Algorithms are increasingly treating workers like robots. Canada needs policy to protect them (3/8/21)

Underpaid Workers Are Being Forced to Train Biased AI on Mechanical Turk (3/8/21)

Inside the fall of Watson Health: How IBM’s audacious plan to ‘change the face of health care’ with AI fell apart (3/8/21)

Building AI for the Global South (3/7/21)

I asked an AI to tell me how beautiful I am (3/5/21)

'Facebook has a blind spot': why Spanish-language misinformation is flourishing (3/3/21)

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Looking For An AI Ethicist? Good Luck (3/2/21)

[Russia] In Moscow, Big Brother Is Watching and Recognizing Protesters (3/1/21)

Does your company need a Chief AI Ethics Officer, an AI Ethicist, AI Ethics Council, or all three? (Mar. 2021)

Taking on the tech giants: the lawyer fighting the power of algorithmic systems (2/28/21)

5 steps to creating a responsible AI Center of Excellence (2/28/21)

Virginia Approves Limits on Police Use of Facial Recognition (2/26/21)

An AI is training counselors to deal with teens in crisis (2/26/21)

AI should include 'undesirable side effect' warnings, claims PwC (2/26/21)

TikTok agrees legal payout over facial recognition (2/26/21)

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Whistleblowers: Software Bug Keeping Hundreds Of Inmates In Arizona Prisons Beyond Release Dates (2/22/21)


Can We Engineer Ethical AI? (2/21/21)

The Shoddy Science Behind Emotional Recognition Tech (2/19/21)

How NSF and Amazon Are Collectively Tackling Artificial Intelligence-Based Bias (2/18/21)

DeepMind researchers say AI poses a threat to people who identify as queer (2/18/21)

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Study shows that federated learning can lead to reduced carbon emissions (2/16/21)

Development of an AI Technology able to 'Read Emotions' across entire cities to Stop Crime Before it Happen (2/16/21)

How computers see us: Doctoral student working to curb discrimination by artificial intelligence (2/15/21)

France: The CNIL dampens the appetite of Big Brother Bercy (2/15/21)

Washington state lawmakers seek to ban government from using discriminatory AI tech (2/13/21)

Amazon's driver monitoring app is an invasive nightmare (2/13/21)

Minneapolis poised to ban facial recognition for police use (2/12/21)

Facebook’s next big AI project is training its machines on users’ public videos (3/12/21)

Techno-utopianism in the workplace and the threat of excessive automation (2/12/21)

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Russia: "Face control": Russian police go digital against protesters (2/11/21)

Why Is Facebook Rejecting These Fashion Ads? (2/11/21)

Fighting AI bias needs to be a key part of Biden’s civil rights agenda (2/11/21)


Despite Scanning Millions of Faces, Feds Caught Zero Imposters at Airports Last Year (2/10/21)

EU’s top privacy regulator urges ban on surveillance-based ad targeting (2/10/21)

[UK] BAILII grants Oxford University unprecedented access to case data for AI analysis in historic agreement (2/10/21)

The computers rejecting your job application (2/8/21)

How Data Can Drive Inequality (2/8/21)

Diversity in AI is awful (2/8/21)

Where Do Vaccine Doses Go, and Who Gets Them? The Algorithms Decide (2/7/21)

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‘Orwellian’ AI lie detector project challenged in EU court (2/5/21)

UPDATE 1-High-tech lie detector used at Europe borders face scrutiny (2/5/21)
New AI Can Detect Emotion With Radio Waves (2/4/21)

Your iPhone's Adult Content Filter Blocks Anything 'Asian' (2/4/21)

There Are Spying Eyes Everywhere—and Now They Share a Brain (2/4/21)

AI brain drain to Google and pals threatens public sector's ability to moderate machine-learning bias (2/4/21)

The Role Of Bias In Artificial Intelligence (2/4/21)

The AI industry is built on geographic and social inequality, research shows (2/4/21)

21 States Are Now Vetting Unemployment Claims With a ‘Risky’ Facial Recognition System (2/3/21)

U.S. technology company Clearview AI violated Canadian privacy law: report (2/3/21)

“Even if you can do it, should you?” Researchers talk combating bias in artificial intelligence (2/3/21)

[Netherlands] Can algorithms look into a child's future? In Hjørring and Silkeborg, experiments were made on vulnerable children (2/2/21)

[Singapore] Application installed on students' devices does not track personal information: MOE (2/1/21)

Confidence, uncertainty, and trust in AI affect how humans make decisions (2/1/21)

Embracing Diversity Using AI [Infographic] (2/1/21)

Inside a Hot-Button Research Paper: Dr. Emily M. Bender Talks Large Language Models and the Future of AI Ethics (2/1/21)

Here’s a Way to Learn if Facial Recognition Systems Used Your Photos (1/31/21)

Forget user experience. AI must focus on ‘citizen experience’ (1/31/21)

Why some companies are thinking twice about using artificial intelligence (1/31/21)


The Coup We Are Not Talking About (1/29/21)

New Spotify Patent Involves Monitoring Users’ Speech to Recommend Music (1/28/21)

Spotify Secures Horrifying Patent to Monitor Users’ Speech (1/28/21)

Police Say They Can Use Facial Recognition, Despite Bans (1/28/21)

[Greece] Flush with EU funds, Greek police to introduce live face recognition before the summer (1/28/21)

University will stop using controversial remote-testing software following student outcry (1/28/21)

Bumble’s algorithm will now report you for body-shaming (1/28/21)

It’s time to use all of Twitter’s archives to teach AI about bias (1/27/21)

Independent auditors are struggling to hold AI companies accountable (1/26/21)


NJ Transit will test AI-powered face-mask detection (1/25/21)
New Algorithms Could Reduce Racial Disparities in Health Care (1/25/21)

Governance: Companies mature in their use of AI know that it needs guardrails (1/25/21)

[France] Suspended feminist accounts: for once, Twitter admits a real “error” (1/25/21)

[Netherlands] The Dutch Government’s Benefits Scandal Is Rooted in Stigma Against Welfare Recipients  (1/23/21)

AI could make healthcare fairer—by helping us believe what patients say  (1/22/21)

Center for Applied Data Ethics suggests treating AI like a bureaucracy (1/22/21)

[France] In Bercy, a cell of computer scientists to help the State regulate GAFA (1/22/21)

[India] Why Lucknow Police wanting to use AI to ‘read’ distressed expressions of women won’t work (1/21/21)

Democrats urge tech giants to change algorithms that facilitate spread of extremist content (1/21/21)

‘For Some Reason I’m Covered in Blood’: GPT-3 Contains Disturbing Bias Against Muslims (1/21/21)

India’s biometric ID system is eroding the rights of pregnant women (1/21/21)

This App Claims It Can Detect 'Trustworthiness.' It Can't (1/19/21)

FDA publishes Action Plan to regulate AI and ML based products  (1/18/21)

The FTC Forced a Misbehaving A.I. Company to Delete Its Algorithm (1/18/21)

Social-Media Algorithms Rule How We See the World. Good Luck Trying to Stop Them. (1/17/21)

[France] Twitter and Facebook send "dykes" and "queers" to the closet (1/16/21)

Chatbot Gone Awry Starts Conversations About AI Ethics in South Korea (1/16/21)

Using AI to Make Hiring Decisions? Prepare for EEOC Scrutiny (1/15/21)

Facebook uses AI to predict if COVID-19 patients will need more care (1/15/21)

An Algorithm Is Helping a Community Detect Lead Pipes (1/14/21)

Democrats push for AI bias testing (1/14/21)

Why Ethics Matter For Social Media, Silicon Valley And Every Tech Industry Leader (1/14/21)

How explainable artificial intelligence can help humans innovate (1/13/21)

Everalbum, Inc: In first facial recognition misuse settlement, FTC requires destruction of algorithms trained on deceptively obtained photos (1/13/21)

Salesforce researchers release framework to test NLP model robustness (1/13/21)

Flo gets FTC slap for sharing user data when it promised privacy (1/13/21)

[Italy] The Viminal-Guarantor of privacy clash on facial recognition in real time (1/13/21)

Huawei patent mentions use of Uighur-spotting tech (1/12/21)

The Robot Made Me Do It: Human–Robot Interaction and Risk-Taking Behavior (Research Summary) (1/12/21)

The Ethics of Emotion in AI Systems (Research Summary) (1/12/21)

Job Screening Service Halts Facial Analysis of Applicants (1/12/21)

“I Don’t Want Someone to Watch Me While I’m Working”: Gendered Views of Facial Recognition Technology in Workplace Surveillance (Research Summary) (1/12/21)

Facial Recognition Technology Isn’t Good Just Because It’s Used to Arrest Neo-Nazis (1/12/21)

Facial Recognition Technology Has A Bias Problem (1/11/21)

Listening to Black Women: The Innovation Tech Can't Figure Out (1/11/21)

[Netherlands] SyRI coalition to Senate: 'Super SyRI' blueprint for more benefits affairs (1/11/21)

Outlandish Stanford facial recognition study claims there are links between facial features and political orientation (1/11/21)

[S. Korea] CEO says controversial AI chatbot ‘Luda’ will socialize in time (1/11/21)

Algorithms and the coronavirus pandemic  (1/9/21)

New York City Proposes Regulating Algorithms Used in Hiring (1/8/21)

ExamSoft’s proctoring software has a face-detection problem (1/5/21)

[Italy] Court Rules Deliveroo Used 'Discriminatory' Algorithm (1/5/21)

Medicine’s machine learning problem (1/4/21)

Singapore Police May Use Contact Tracing Data for Investigations (1/4/21)

2020 in Review: 10 AI Failures (1/1/21)


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New standards for AI clinical trials will help spot snake oil and hype (9/11/20)

Could you live here? Decades-old redlining still shapes San Diego's neighborhoods today, advocates say (9/11/20)

Portland passes broadest facial recognition ban in the US (9/9/20)

Portland Passes Groundbreaking Ban on Facial Recognition in Stores, Banks, Restaurants and More (9/9/20)

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When Algorithms Give Real Students Imaginary Grades (9/8/20)

Here are the biased algorithms the UK government uses to make high-level decisions (9/7/20)

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Facebook AI open-sources Opacus, a new high-speed library for training PyTorch models with differential privacy (DP) (9/6/20)

Pasco’s sheriff created a futuristic program to stop crime before it happens: It monitors and harasses families across the county. (9/3/20)

What Does Building a Fair AI Really Entail? (9/3/20)

Racial biases infect artificial intelligence (9/2/20)

Biometrics Have Crept Into Humanitarian Aid, But the Systems May Disadvantage Women Who Need Help Most  (9/2/20)

Microsoft launches a deepfake detector ahead of US election (9/2/20)
Bodies into Bits (8/31/20)

In a pandemic of loneliness, people talk to chatbots (8/29/20)

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PopID’s face-based payments pose privacy and security risks (8/27/20)

The utopian promise and dystopian potential of real-time detection of police, fire, and medical emergencies (8/27/20)

Participation-washing could be the next dangerous fad in machine learning (8/25/20)

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LinkedIn open-sources toolkit to measure AI model fairness (8/25/20)

Councils scrapping use of algorithms in benefit and welfare decisions (8/24/20)

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Algorithms can drive inequality. Just look at Britain's school exam chaos (8/23/20)

Best Practices for Indigenous Keywording for Stock Images (8/20/20)

Indonesia National AI Strategy published this month (8/20/20)

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Facebook algorithm found to 'actively promote' Holocaust denial (8/16/20)

Human Rights Commission warns government over 'dangerous' use of AI (8/15/20)

U.K. Regulator Issues Data Guidance for Companies Working With AI (8/14/20)

Horrific AI surveillance experiment uses convicted felons as human guinea pigs (8/14/20)

Problematic study on Indiana parolees seeks to predict recidivism with AI (8/14/20)

NYPD Used Facial Recognition Technology In Siege Of Black Lives Matter Activist’s Apartment (8/14/20)

Facebook’s AI for detecting hate speech is facing its biggest challenge yet (8/14/20)
The Quiet Growth of Race-Detection Software Sparks Concerns Over Bias (8/14/20)

Governments should close the AI trust gap with businesses (8/13/20)

The pandemic is speeding up automation, putting jobs in question (8/11/20)

Ethics Is More Important than Technology (8/10/20)


Research summary: Mass Incarceration and the Future of AI (8/9/20)

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Hypotenuse AI wants to take the strain out of copywriting for e-commerce (8/7/20)

Can language models learn morality? (8/7/20)

AI Project Failure Rates Near 50%, But It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way, Say Experts (8/7/20)

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Software that monitors students during tests perpetuates inequality and violates their privacy (8/7/20)

AI models need to be ‘interpretable’ rather than just ‘explainable’ (8/6/20)

Researchers discover evidence of gender bias in major computer vision APIs (8/6/20)

Researchers say ‘The Whiteness of AI’ in pop culture erases people of color (8/6/20)

Police built an AI to predict violent crime. It was seriously flawed (8/6/20)

Explainable AI: A guide for making black box machine learning models explainable (8/6/20)

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Cloak your photos with this AI privacy tool to fool facial recognition (8/4/20)

Home Office to scrap 'racist algorithm' for UK visa applicants (8/4/20)

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AI-powered tool aims to help reduce bias and racially charged language on websites (7/30/20)


Over Half of Americans Do Not Trust Companies to Ethically Collect, Use or Sell Personal Data (7/29/20)

Google releases Model Card Toolkit to promote AI model transparency (7/29/20)

Service that uses AI to identify gender based on names looks incredibly biased (7/29/20)

Power, Harms, and Data (7/28/20)

Rite Aid deployed facial recognition systems in hundreds of U.S. stores (7/28/20)

Even Google CEO Sundar Pichai agrees that it is imperative to embed ethics into AI (7/27/20)

Researchers find evidence of bias in facial expression data sets (7/25/20)

Here’s why AI didn’t save us from COVID-19 (7/24/20)

Four Steps for Drafting an Ethical Data Practice Blueprint (7/24/20)

An AI hiring firm says it can predict job hopping based on your interviews (7/24/20)

An online image database will remove 600,000 pictures after an art project revealed the system’s racist bias. (9/24/20)

AI says men are lazy (7/24/20)

Google Ad Portal Equated “Black Girls” with Porn (7/23/20)

Facebook ignored racial bias research, employees say (7/23/20)

AI system detects posts by foreign ‘trolls’ on Facebook and Twitter (7/22/20)

Blind to black people (7/21/20)

Dermatology faces a reckoning: Lack of darker skin in textbooks and journals harms care for patients of color (7/21/20)

Facebook Creates Teams to Study Racial Bias, After Previously Limiting Such Efforts (7/21/20)

Clients loved this designer’s work. Turns out, he was an AI (7/20/20)

Tackling the misinformation epidemic with “In Event of Moon Disaster” (7/20/20)

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Algorithms on social media need regulation, says UK's AI adviser (2/4/20)

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Pentagon Seeks ‘Ethical Principles’ for AI Use (3/4/19)

Intel’s Recommendations for the U.S. National Strategy on Artificial Intelligence (White Paper) (2/6/19)

Ethics of AI in Radiology: European and North American Multisociety Statement (February 2019)

In Favor of Developing Ethical Best Practices in AI Research (2/21/19)

The Environment for Ethical Action (2/18/19)

Council of Europe: Algorithmic Used To Manipulate Social And Political Behaviours (2/18/19)

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Illinois Supreme Court Holds That Biometric Privacy Law Does Not Require Actual Harm for Private Suits (1/29/19)

Fairness in representation: quantifying stereotyping as a representational harm (1/28/19)

Ignorance and Distrust Prevail about What Companies and Governments Do with Personal Data (1/25/19)

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Facebook Algorithms and Personal Data (Pew Survey) (1/16/19)

Does the U.S. Face an AI Ethics Gap? (1/11/19)

Case study: Algorithmic decision-making and accountability (Jan 2019)

Singapore Proposed Model Artificial Intelligence Governance Framework (Jan 2019)

Artificial Intelligence: American Attitudes and Trends (Jan 2019)

Future of work research papers (Jan 2019)

Fight against facial recognition hits wall across the West (12/30/19)

Designing a Moral Compass for AI (12/30/19)

Artificial Intelligence Is Rushing Into Patient Care—And Could Raise Risks (12/24/19)

AI year in review: Opportunities grow, but ethics loom large (12/23/19)

‘The Algorithm Made Me Do It’: Artificial Intelligence Ethics Is Still On Shaky Ground (12/22/19)

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Beyond Bias: Contextualizing “Ethical AI” Within the History of Exploitation and Innovation in Medical Research (12/20/19)

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THE INVENTION OF “ETHICAL AI”: How Big Tech Manipulates Academia to Avoid Regulation (12/20/19)

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Human Rights Commission wants privacy laws adjusted for an AI future (12/17/19)

Researchers were about to solve AI’s black box problem, then the lawyers got involved (12/17/19)

Facebook Ads Can Still Discriminate Against Women and Older Workers, Despite a Civil Rights Settlement (12/13/19)

Emotion recognition technology should be banned, says an AI research institute (12/13/19)

The AI community needs to take responsibility for its technology and its actions (12/13/19)

AI expert calls for end to UK use of ‘racially biased’ algorithms (12/12/19)

Emotion-detecting tech should be restricted by law - AI Now (12/12/19)

Stanford, Kyoto & Georgia Tech Model ‘Neutralizes’ Biased Language (12/11/19)

The Utility of Interpretable AI (12/10/19)

Microsoft tech expert warns of bias and sexism in artificial intelligence (12/10/19)

As AI moves into content creation, researchers aim to battle its biases (12/9/19)

How practitioners and academics think (and then forget) about fairness when building AI systems (12/6/19)

Biased Algorithms Are Easier to Fix Than Biased People (12/6/19)

Life Under the Algorithm: How a relentless speedup is reshaping the working class (12/4/19)

Human insight remains essential to beat the bias of algorithms (12/4/19)

UK GPDR Watchdog: Explain Your AI (12/3/19)

Portland plans to propose the strictest facial recognition ban in the country (12/2/19)

Chinese tech groups shaping UN facial recognition standards (12/1/19)

Dealing With Bias in Artificial Intelligence (Nov 2019)

An epidemic of AI misinformation (11/30/19)

Explain yourself, mister: Fresh efforts at Google to understand why an AI system says yes or no (11/29/19)

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Scientists developed a new AI framework to prevent machines from misbehaving (11/25/19)

Can We Force AIs to Be Fair Towards People? Scientists Just Invented a Way (11/25/19)

Tuning Out Toxic Comments, With the Help of AI (11/21/19)

Stanford, UMass Amherst develop algorithms that train AI to avoid specific misbehaviors (11/21/19)

Researchers Want Guardrails to Help Prevent Bias in AI (11/21/19)

Dealing with bias in AI (11/19/19)

The Apple Card Didn't 'See' Gender—and That's the Problem (11/19/19)

There’s an easy way to make lending fairer for women. Trouble is, it’s illegal. (11/15/19)

The Real AI Threat to Democracy (11/14/19)

When Algorithms Decide Whose Voices Will Be Heard (11/12/19)

Google's secret cache of medical data includes names and full details of millions – whistleblower (11/12/19)

These Black Women Are Fighting For Justice In A World Of Biased Algorithms (11/12/19)

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says Apple Card discriminated against his wife (11/11/19)

‘You sound worried’: would you let an AI rephrase the tone of your emails? (11/6/19)

AI Can Make Bank Loans More Fair (11/6/20)

Rights group files federal complaint against AI-hiring firm HireVue, citing ‘unfair and deceptive’ practices (11/6/19)

Artificial Intelligence Can Be Biased. Here’s What You Should Know. (11/5/19)

Microsoft's AI Research Draws Controversy Over Possible Disinformation Use (11/4/19)

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Pentagon's draft AI ethics guidelines fight bias and rogue machines (11/2/19)

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NYPD Built Bias Safeguards Into Pattern-Spotting AI System (10/31/19)

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When Binary Code Won’t Accommodate Nonbinary People (10/23/19)


After Backlash, Portland-Area Outback Steakhouse Cancels New Artificial Intelligence Surveillance Test (10/23/19)

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These Startups Are Building Tools to Keep an Eye on AI (10/21/19)

Military artificial intelligence can be easily and dangerously fooled (10/21/19)

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Austria’s employment agency rolls out discriminatory algorithm, sees no problem (10/6/19)

Google causing more facial recognition problems, machine learning goes quantum and losing a job if an AI doesn't like your face (10/6/19)

Artificial stupidity: ‘Move slow and fix things’ could be the mantra AI needs (10/5/19)

An Open Source License That Requires Users to Do No Harm (10/4/19)

Google reportedly targeted people with 'dark skin' to improve facial recognition (10/4/19)

Atlanta Asks Google Whether It Targeted Black Homeless People (10/4/19)

Congress Is Investigating the Military’s Use of Facial Recognition (10/3/19)

The Unsettling Ways Tech Is Changing Your Personal Reality (10/3/19)

Bias and Algorithmic Fairness (10/3/19)

Google contractor reportedly tricked homeless people into face scans (10/3/19)

Blind Spots in AI Just Might Help Protect Your Privacy (10/2/19)

British workers are deliberately sabotaging robots amid fears they will take their jobs, study finds (9/29/19)

“The New Jim Code” – Ruha Benjamin on racial discrimination by algorithm (9/26/19)

Reddit and Gab’s most toxic communities inadvertently train AI to combat hate speech (9/25/19)

Africa Is Building an A.I. Industry That Doesn’t Look Like Silicon Valley (9/25/19)

The Viral App That Labels You Isn't Quite What You Think (9/19/20)

See how an AI system classifies you based on your selfie (9/17/19)

AI ethics and the limits of code(s) (9/16/19)

120 million workers will need to be retrained due to AI, says IBM study (9/6/19)

An AI-Run World Needs to Better Reflect People of Color (9/6/19)

'Sense of urgency', as top tech players seek AI ethical rules (9/2/19)

How to Build an AI Ethics Committee (8/30/19)

Silicon Valley's Secret Philosophers Should Share Their Work (8/27/19)

'Dangerous' AI offers to write fake news (8/27/19)

Amazon, Microsoft, 'putting world at risk of killer AI': study (8/21/19)

Flawed Algorithms Are Grading Millions of Students’ Essays (8/20/19)

An AI privacy conundrum? The neural net knows more than it says (8/19/19)

AI can read your emotions. Should it? (8/17/19)

'Stereotyping' emotions is getting in the way of artificial intelligence. Scientists say they've discovered a better way. (8/16/19)

Do Tech Companies Really Need to Snoop Into Private Conversations to Improve Their A.I.? (8/14/19)

Training the next generation of ethical techies (8/14/19)

Training bias in AI "hate speech detector" means that tweets by Black people are far more likely to be censored (8/14/19)

What your voice reveals about you (8/13/19)

Google’s Artificial Intelligence Hate Speech Detector Has a ‘Black Tweet’ Problem (8/13/19)

Google’s algorithm for detecting hate speech is racially biased (8/13/19)


Facial recognition software mistook 1 in 5 California lawmakers for criminals, says ACLU (8/12/2019)

IBM Research launches explainable AI toolkit (8/8/19)

AI Needs Your Data—and You Should Get Paid for It (8/8/19)

'Computer says no': was your mortgage application rejected unfairly (8/8/19)

AI Ethics Guidelines Every CIO Should Read (8/7/19)

China has started a grand experiment in AI education. It could reshape how the world learns (8/2/19)

Artificial intelligence could improve healthcare for all—unless it doesn’t (8/1/19)


AI ‘emotion recognition’ can’t be trusted (7/25/19)

Fitbits and other wearables may not accurately track heart rates in people of color (7/24/19)

Microsoft and the learnings from its failed Tay artificial intelligence bot (7/24/19)


How companies can avoid ethics washing (7/17/19)

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AI ain’t for everyone — who trusts bots, and why (6/14/29)

Credit Scores Could Soon Get Even Creepier and More Biased (6/13/19)

San Francisco says it will use AI to reduce bias when charging people with crimes (6/12/19)


AI is worse at identifying household items from lower-income countries (6/11/19)

Illinois Bill Aims to Limit Use of AI in Video Job Interviews (6/11/19)

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America and its economic allies have announced five “democratic” principles for AI (5/22/19)

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Discrimination’s Digital Frontier (4/15/19)

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How will AI change your life? AI Now Institute founders Kate Crawford and Meredith Whittaker explain. (4/8/19)

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Real or artificial? Tech titans declare AI ethics concerns (4/7/19)

Hey Google, sorry you lost your ethics council, so we made one for you (4/6/19)

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Deciding how to decide: Six key questions for reducing AI’s democratic deficit (3/22/19)

Warnings of a Dark Side to A.I. in Health Care (3/21/19)

When AI speaks on behalf of humans: Proposing ethical guidelines based on Google Duplex assistant (3/21/19)

AI, ethics and data bias - getting it right (3/20/19)

The world’s first genderless AI voice is here. Listen now (3/19/19)

To Be Ethical, AI Must Become Explainable. How Do We Get There? (3/19/19)

As AI Spreads, Tech Needs 'Chief Bias Officers' (3/18/19)

Tackling Bias in Machine Learning (3/18/19)

Courts and police departments are turning to AI to reduce bias, but some argue it'll make the problem worse (3/17/19)

Is Microsoft AI Helping to Deliver China’s ‘Shameful’ Xinjiang Surveillance State? (3/15/19)

Without Humans, A.I. Can Wreak Havoc (3/12/19)

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Does AI Ethics Have A Bad Name? (3/7/19)

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A new study finds a potential risk with self-driving cars: failure to detect dark-skinned pedestrians (3/6/19)

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AI will reproduce and enshrine age-old biases—if we let it (3/5/19)

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Some self-driving car systems have trouble detecting darker skin, study says (3/5/19)

China’s tech billionaires back ethical rules to guide development of AI and other technologies (3/4/19)

Seeking Ground Rules for A.I. (3/4/19)

Apple is hiring an analyst to explain Siri complaints to executives (3/4/19)

16 Uncomfortable Questions Everyone Needs to Ask About Artificial Intelligence (3/3/19)

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Why AI is a threat to democracy—and what we can do to stop it (2/26/19)

Chinese police test gait-recognition technology from AI start-up Watrix that identifies people based on how they walk (2/26/19)

Troubling Trends Towards Artificial Intelligence Governance (2/25/19)

AI researchers debate the ethics of sharing potentially harmful programs (2/21/19)

China Uses DNA to Track Its People, With the Help of American Expertise (2/21/19)

Pope Francis and Microsoft team up to promote prize for artificial intelligence (2/19/19)

OpenAI: Social science, not just computer science, is critical for AI (2/19/19)

Over 2000 people died after receiving Centrelink robo-debt notice, figures reveal (2/18/19)

AI in the UK: The only way is ethics (2/18/19)

Bentham, Hobbes, and The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (2/17/19)

Are the algorithms that power dating apps racially biased? (2/17/19)

New AI fake text generator may be too dangerous to release, say creators (2/14/19)



YouTube announces it will no longer recommend conspiracy videos (2/10/19)

How Vodafone’s Chatbot Technology Is Helping It Cut Jobs (2/8/19)

Women Stand Against Social Injustice In AI (2/7/19)

I Cut the 'Big Five' Tech Giants From My Life. It Was Hell (2/7/19)

Microsoft warns investors that its artificial-intelligence tech could go awry and hurt its reputation (2/6/19)

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Microsoft warned investors that biased or flawed AI could hurt the company’s image (2/5/19)

Five Takeaways from an AI Fairness Conference (2/2/19)


Guidelines for human-AI interaction design (2/1/19)

Automated background checks are deciding who’s fit for a home (2/1/19)

Getting efficient with “What-happens-if …” (2/1/19)

A.I. Could Worsen Health Disparities (1/31/19)

Google’s head of translation on fighting bias in language and why AI loves religious texts (1/30/19)

This Is Your Brain Off Facebook (1/30/19)

Prisons Are Building Databases of Inmates' Voice Prints (1/30/19)


New York Insurers Can Evaluate Your Social Media Use—If They Can Prove Why It’s Needed (1/30/19)

San Francisco proposal would ban government facial recognition use in the city (1/29/19)

ML Integrity: Four Production Pillars For Trustworthy AI (1/29/19)

IBM releases Diversity in Faces, a dataset of over 1 million annotations to help reduce facial recognition bias (1/29/19)

The Unnatural Ethics of AI Could Be Its Undoing (1/29/19)

How to lift the veil off hidden algorithms (1/28/19)


Being Ethical: How to Beat Bias in AI and Be Transparent (1/28/19)

MIT hopes to automatically 'de-bias' face detection AI (1/27/19)

Speaking Black Dialect in Courtrooms Can Have Striking Consequences (1/25/19)

Bias in, bias out: the Stanford scientist out to make AI less white and male (1/25/19)

The Hidden Automation Agenda of the Davos Elite (1/25/19)

MIT researchers: Amazon’s Rekognition shows gender and ethnic bias (updated) (1/24/19)

Amazon Is Pushing Facial Technology That a Study Says Could Be Biased (1/24/19)

Quarter of U.S. jobs could be jeopardized by AI, research shows (1/24/19)

A.I. and Automation Will Hit Low-Skill Jobs and Trump Swing States Hardest (1/24/19)

Workers in heartland states most at risk of losing jobs to AI, new study finds (1/24/19)

Automation is a bigger threat to inland California workers, study finds (1/24/19)

Can we make artificial intelligence ethical? (1/23/19)

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics (Jan/Feb 2019)

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Facebook is helping husbands ‘brainwash’ their wives with targeted ads (1/22/19)

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A.I. Is Sending People to Jail — and Getting It Wrong (1/21/19)

What makes AI ethicists “the top hire companies need to succeed”? (1/21/19)

The goal is to automate us': welcome to the age of surveillance capitalism (1/20/19)

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Giving algorithms a sense of uncertainty could make them more ethical (1/18/19)
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US military trusted more than Google, Facebook to develop AI: survey (1/14/19)

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How a Feel-Good AI Story Went Wrong in Flint (1/3/19)

New App Helps People Remember Faces (1/1/19)

Artificial Intelligence Ethics Guidelines in Indonesia (2019)


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Fairness and Accountability Design Needs for Algorithmic Support in High-Stakes Public Sector Decision-Making (2/318)

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The prison-reforming First Step Act has a critical software bug (12/21/18)

'Kill your foster parents': Amazon's Alexa talks murder, sex in AI experiment (12/21/18)

The rise of A.I. could hurt women's careers in a major way (12/21/18)

Amazon error allowed Alexa user to eavesdrop on another home (12/20/18)

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Facial recognition has to be regulated to protect the public, says AI report (12/6/18)

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AI has a culturally-biased worldview that Google has a plan to change (12/2/18)

10 Fundamental Insights about the Tech-Driven Future for Humanity and why women, POC, and other underrepresented people in tech should lead it (11/29/18)

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10 Most Important AI Research Papers for 2018 (11/27/18)

UK police wants AI to stop violent crime before it happens (11/26/18)

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How Cheap Labor Drives China’s A.I. Ambitions (11/25/18)

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Siri, is artificial intelligence biased?” (11/20/18)

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Weapons of Micro Destruction: How Our ‘Likes’ Hijacked Democracy (10/17/18)

When Alexa Can’t Understand You (10/16/18)

Black Mirror, Light Mirror: Teaching Technology Ethics Through Speculation (10/15/18)


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Building trust in AI applications (10/11/18)

Amazon scraps secret AI recruiting tool that showed bias against women (10/9/18)


Think computers are less biased than people? Think again. (10/3/18)

Why Technology Favors Tyranny (Oct. 2018)

Build a minimum ethical product (9/30/18)

5 takeaways on the state of AI from Disrupt SF (9/28/18)

Senators introduce the ‘Artificial Intelligence in Government Act’ (9/26/18)

Taking algorithms to court (9/24/18)

Senators are asking whether artificial intelligence could violate US civil rights laws (9/21/18)

Artificial intelligence hates the poor and disenfranchised (9/21/18)

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How AI is already affecting jobs (9/17/18)

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High Time to Regulate Face Recognition A.I. (9/13/18)

What Algorithms Know About You Based on Your Grocery Cart (9/13/18)

Google Knows Where You’ve Been, but Does It Know Who You Are? (9/12/18)

Many voice assistant users have ‘trust issues’ with their device, study claims (9/12/18)

Ethics + Data Science (9/10/18)

Underneath all the AI hype is the likelihood it threatens the poor, says this former Microsoft and Google exec (9/8/18)

Left Unchecked, Artificial Intelligence Can Become Prejudiced All On Its Own (9/7/18)

Artificial Intelligence is greater concern than climate change or terrorism, says new head of British Science Association (9/6/18)

From headlines to headway: Defining data ethics and its impact on data workers (9/5/18)

IBM collaborated with the NYPD on an AI system that can search for people by race (9/6/18)

Everyday Ethics for Artificial Intelligence (9/5/18)

Don’t believe the algorithm (9/5/18)

Silicon Valley Thinks Everyone Feels the Same Six Emotions (9/5/18)

California just replaced cash bail with algorithms (9/4/18)

The New AI Tech Turning Heads in Video Manipulation (9/3/18)

Japan developing ‘pre-crime’ artificial intelligence to predict money laundering and terror attacks (9/1/18)

How Not to Teach Ethics (Sept 2018)

Franken-algorithms: The Deadly Consequences of Unpredictable Code (8/30/18)

Now is the time to start thinking about AI’s impact on xenophobia (8/28/18)

Watson is helping heal America's broken criminal-sentencing system (8/25/18)

To Build Trust In Artificial Intelligence, IBM Wants Developers To Prove Their Algorithms Are Fair  (8/22/18)

Technologists are trying to fix the “filter bubble” problem that tech helped create (8/22/18)

Who needs democracy when you have data? (8/20/18)

Bias In Maternal AI Could Hurt Expectant Black Mothers (8/17/18)

AI could make dodgy lip sync dubbing a thing of the past (8/17/18)

AI-Driven Dermatology Could Leave Dark-Skinned Patients Behind (8/16/18)

The Role of Trust in an Era of AI Bots (8/15/18)

Children are susceptible to peer pressure from robots (8/15/18)

Yuval Noah Harari on what the year 2050 has in store for humankind (8/12/18)

Confronting demons of the computer age (8/12/18)

Tech companies use “persuasive design” to get us hooked. Psychologists say it’s unethical (8/8/18)

What HBR Gets Wrong About Algorithms and Bias (8/7/18)

Case studies in data ethics (8/7/18)

Why artificial intelligence will have very human frailties (8/3/18)

Using artificial intelligence to fix Wikipedia’s gender problem (8/3/18)

Facial Recognition Is the Perfect Tool for Oppression (8/2/18)

Five of the scariest predictions about artificial intelligence (8/1/18)

The U.K. Wants to Become the World Leader in Ethical A.I. (8/1/18)

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The Future of Artificial Intelligence Depends on Trust (7/31/18)

Microsoft’s politically correct chatbot is even worse than its racist one (7/31/18)

This VR Founder Wants to Gamify Empathy to Reduce Racial Bias (7/20/18)

The accent gap (7/19/18)

Health Insurers Are Vacuuming Up Details About You — And It Could Raise Your Rates (7/17/18)

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UX for AI: Trust as a Design Challenge (7/12/18)

The Economics Of Artificial Intelligence - How Cheaper Predictions Will Change The World (7/10/18)

'I was shocked it was so easy': ​meet the professor who says facial recognition ​​can tell if you're gay (1/7/18)

London police chief ‘completely comfortable’ using facial recognition with 98 percent error rate (7/5/18)

4 ways AI can change democracy for the better (7/4/18)

Technology Alone Can't Preserve Endangered Languages (6/30/18)

BIAS EVERYWHERE: Tech companies just woke up to a big problem with their AI (6/30/18)

AI, Ain’t I A Woman? (6/28/18)

When impact measures fail (And what to do about it) (6/26/18)

Techstars: AI startups must be wary of ‘move fast and break things’ mantra (6/26/18)

Facial recognition software is not ready for use by law enforcement (6/25/18)

Unmasking A.I.'s Bias Problem (6/25/18)

Bias detectives: the researchers striving to make algorithms fair (6/20/18)

Bing researchers develop a novel way of collecting high-quality AI training data (6/18/18)

UK report warns DeepMind Health could gain ‘excessive monopoly power’ (6/15/18)

A Tough Week for Tech Workers, and It Won’t Be the Last (6/15/18)

Plum uses AI to hire people ‘that never would have been discovered through a traditional hiring process’ (6/13/18)

When it Comes to AI and Weapons, the Tech World Needs Philosophers (6/12/18)

This tool lets you see–and correct–the bias in an algorithm (6/12/18)

Tackling the Ethical Challenges of Slippery Technology (6/11/18)

Accenture wants to beat unfair AI with a professional toolkit (6/9/18)

Silicon Valley insiders say Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter are using 'behavioural cocaine' to turn people into addicts (6/5/18)

The digital poorhouse (6/4/18)

Are you scared yet? Meet Norman, the psychopathic AI (6/2/18)

Artificial Intelligence: Have No Fear (June 2018)

China has turned Xinjiang into a police state like no other (5/31/18)

Does China’s digital police state have echoes in the West? (5/31/18)

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Machine Un-Learning: Why Forgetting Might Be the Key to AI (5/31/18)

Who is writing the future? Designing infrastructure for ethical AI (5/31/18)

The (holy) ghost in the machine: Catholic thinkers tackle the ethics of artificial intelligence (5/26/18)

Navigating the risks of artificial intelligence and machine learning in low income countries (5/24/18)

Enhanced AI Tools, Enhanced AI Trust (5/24/18)

How Advances in AI and Automation Will Upend Our Traditional Models of Economic Development (5/20/18)

Finkle floats an ethical AI plan (5/18/18)

Artificial Intelligence: What’s Human Rights Got To Do With It? (5/14/18)

Algorithms are making the same mistakes assessing credit scores that humans did a century ago (5/14/18)

Society needs a reboot for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (5/14/18)

Aided by Palantir, the LAPD used predictive policing to monitor specific people and neighborhoods (5/11/18)

This company audits algorithms to see how biased they are (5/9/18)

Facebook says it has a tool to detect bias in its artificial intelligence (5/3/18)

Data Violence and How Bad Engineering Choices Can Damage Society (4/30/18)

Revealed: how bookies use AI to keep gamblers hooked (4/30/18)

PwC: Lack of trust in AI assistants like Alexa could hinder adoption (4/29/18)

It’s time to address the reproducibility crisis in AI (4/24/18)

What you need to know about Facebook and ethics (4/19/18)

Artificial intelligence must be 'for common good' (4/16/18)

When algorithms surprise us (4/13/18)

Microsoft has given up 'significant sales' over concerns that the customer will use AI for evil, says a top scientist (4/13/18)

Democracy vs. the Algorithm (4/12/18)

Human bias is a huge problem for AI. Here’s how we’re going to fix it (4/10/18)

Drawing the Ethical Line on Weaponized Deep Learning Research (4/5/18)

Leading AI researchers threaten Korean university with boycott over its work on ‘killer robots’ (4/4/18)

7 Short-Term AI ethics questions (4/4/18)

A.I. Engineers Must Open Their Designs To Democratic Control (4/2/18)

What happens when an algorithm cuts your health care (3/21/18)

OpenAI Wants to Make Safe AI, but That May Be an Impossible Task (3/15/18)

What Developers Really Think About AI And Bias (3/15/18)

Fun fact of the day: Voice recognition tech is naturally sexist (3/14/18)

The case for fairer algorithms (3/14/18)

Google's DeepMind Has An Idea For Stopping Biased AI (3/13/18)

How to Make A.I. That’s Good for People (3/7/18)

The ART of AI — Accountability, Responsibility, Transparency (3/4/18)

Is Artificial Intelligence the Ultimate Test for Privacy? (3/2/18)

New Report on Emerging AI Risks Paints a Grim Future (2/21/18)

Interpreting machine learning models (2/20/18)

“We’re in a diversity crisis”: cofounder of Black in AI on what’s poisoning algorithms in our lives (2/14/18)

Google's DeepMind Has An Idea For Stopping Biased AI (2/13/18)

He Predicted The 2016 Fake News Crisis. Now He's Worried About An Information Apocalypse. (2/11/18)

Facial Recognition Is Accurate, if You’re a White Guy (2/9/18)


Dealing with Imbalanced Classes in Machine Learning (2/2/18)


Algorithms are making American inequality worse (1/26/18)

Sorry, Alexa Is Not a Feminist (1/24/18)

Michigan’s MiDAS Unemployment System: Algorithm Alchemy Created Lead, Not Gold (1/24/18)

A Popular Algorithm Is No Better at Predicting Crimes Than Random People (1/17/18)


Google ‘fixed’ its racist algorithm by removing gorillas from its image-labeling tech (1/12/18)

Do algorithms reveal sexual orientation or just expose our stereotypes? (1/11/18)

Why bots go bad: Curbing transgressive tendencies in AI (1/3/18)

Can an Algorithm Tell When Kids Are in Danger? (1/2/18)

The Impact of Machine Learning on Economics (Jan 2018)

Artificial Intelligence Trends to Watch in 2018 - CB Insights


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Asking the right questions about AI (10/11/17)

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Airport Face Scans Could Be a Dry Run for a National Surveillance System (10/3/17)

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Artificial intelligence is about the people, not the machines (9/30/17)

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Instagram uses 'I will rape you' post as Facebook ad in latest algorithm mishap (9/21/17)

Artificial intelligence can make our societies more equal. Here’s how (9/21/17)

Training soft skills into AI technology (9/19/17)

AI research is in desperate need of an ethical watchdog (9/18/17)

New AI can guess whether you’re gay or straight from a photograph (9/7/17)

How to regulate artificial intelligence (9/1/17)

Turns out Algorithms are racist (8/31/17)

The IRS Is Mining Taxpayer Data On Social Media In Violation Of Federal Privacy Law (8/28/17)

New app scans your face and tells companies whether you’re worth hiring (8/25/17)

Machines taught by photos learn a biased view of women (8/21/17)

AI’s biggest challenge is human, not technological. (8/19/17)

AI programs are learning to exclude African-American voices (8/16/17)

Teaching AI systems to behave themselves (8/13/17)

Why we desperately need women to design AI (8/4/17)

Biased AI is a threat to civil liberties. The ACLU has a plan to fix it. (7/25/17)

Technology Is Biased Too. How Do We Fix It? (7/20/17)

Why Google’s PAIR initiative to take bias out of AI will never be complete (7/18/17)

AI and the future of ethics (7/1/17)

Volvo admits its self-driving cars are confused by kangaroos (6/30/17)

When a Computer Program Keeps You in Jail (6/13/17)

To live in harmony with AI we must create a modern Magna Carta (7/6/17)

Corporate Surveillance in Everyday Life (June 2017)

A discussion about AI’s conflicts and challenges (6/17/17)

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